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Micro-ventilation of the window, is a function that allows air to circulate through six ventilation holes, evenly distributed in the upper part of the window sash, which allows the room to be ventilated effectively even when the window is tilted minimally, while providing protection against excessive heat outflow.
  • Safe ventilation while you're away and asleep: micro-ventilation allows you to ventilate a room even when no one is home or while you're sleeping, providing a continuous supply of fresh air without leaving the window fully open. This is important from a security perspective, as it ensures air circulation without the risk of intruders.

  • Healthy indoor climate: Micro-ventilation promotes the maintenance of a healthy indoor climate through continuous air exchange, which helps remove excess moisture, odors and harmful substances, resulting in improved occupant comfort and health.

  • Energy-saving air exchange: thanks to even air circulation with minimal window opening, micro-ventilation allows efficient ventilation of the room with minimal heat loss, which contributes to energy savings and reduced heating costs.

  • Protects against insects: Micro-venting, by properly securing the vents, prevents insects from invading the room, which is important for hygiene and comfort.

  • Protects against precipitation: Micro-ventilation allows the room to be ventilated even during rainfall, which is beneficial for maintaining a healthy indoor climate without the risk of flooding or humidity.

  • No bothersome drafts: Thanks to the even distribution of vents in the upper part of the window, micro-ventilation allows air to circulate without troublesome drafts, which is important for the comfort of room users.

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